Varius Inc. is different. Our vision is to unburden our industry’s most experienced and productive professionals, divest them from routine overhead and administrative burdens, and let them use their experience and insight for the benefit of our clients and their projects.
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Blending experienced ingenuity with leading-edge technology


Varius is a new and different engineering company

We designed Varius Inc. to bring a level of expertise and experience to our clients that is often not available using conventional business practices. The truth is that the most experienced engineers and professionals often take a backseat on design projects and are involved instead in administration and management. At Varius, our experts work directly with you and your staff, and with this level of involvement on your project, you will receive unmatched attention from some of the industry’s leading experts.

Our professionals are at the most productive point of their careers with the experience and knowledge to solve the most difficult problems, meet the hardest challenges, and find the most elusive solutions. Without conventional corporate overheads, without an overabundance of staff meetings, and without the burdens of having to support a complex financial machine, Varius can concentrate on those services that help you the most. We are laser focused on your needs and available when you need us.