Rick and Dan circa 1981, Bellevue WA

Our projects are about people...

Varius is a new company but our founding staff - Ricki Harbert, Dan Ervin, and Rick Harbert - have a long and rich history of working together.

It all began in a basement more than 40 years ago and grew into a thriving and respected company: RH2 Engineering. In January 2018, Ricki, Dan, and Rick grew again into Varius Inc.  

Varius could only have been imagined by the most innovative industry professionals, and as a result is unlike any other engineering firm in the Pacific Northwest

For the last 40 years, and while building RH2 Engineering into an engineering powerhouse, we learned a few things. We learned about the importance of relationships and how the best projects are really about people, not about math and spreadsheets. We learned about the importance of value, and how low overhead costs and sustainable ideas can be leveraged into intense value for our clients and their communities. We also learned about the significance of making your challenges our solutions and about being accountable to you and your citizens.

This commitment to community is the very foundation underpinning Varius Inc today. At Varius, you will find only the most experienced, most trusted, and most insightful professionals, and they are accessible, approachable, and excited to work with you and your staff.