Daniel R. Ervin, P.E.

Executive Vice President, Engineer In Responsible Charge

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BS Mechanical Engineering

University of Washington




Professional Engineer

22513 (WA)



University of Washington

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American Water
Works Association

American Society
of Civil Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Consulting Engineers Council of Washington





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Dan is the Executive Vice President of Varius Inc and a registered professional engineer in the State of Washington.  For the past 38 years, Dan has specialized in providing consulting engineering services for Northwest municipal utilities as the co-founder and past CEO of RH2 Engineering.  Dan has developed some of the most cutting-edge designs for the Northwest’s most innovative projects, from zero-energy homes to earthquake early warning technology.

Current, executive vice president of varius, inc.

As the Executive Vice President of Varius Inc, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Dan is providing high-level services using lean and sustainable business practices.  At Varius, Dan is dedicated to large-scale development review and bringing earthquake early warning technology to municipalities in the Northwest and beyond.  Dan specializes in designing Master Planned Developments that connect people with local businesses by integrating housing, commercial properties, and walkability with public transportation, schools, hospitals, parks, and outdoor spaces.  Dan’s vision of the Pacific Northwest involves strengthening communal relationships, improving infrastructure for residents, and protecting water and other resources in the event of an earthquake.

2012-2017, ceo of rh2 engineering and member of the university of Washington's engineering advisory board

While serving on the Board of Directors at RH2 Engineering, Dan was selected as the CEO and Chairmen of the Board.  Dan was responsible for business development and marketing as well as the company’s extensive research and development program.  Dan was directly involved in numerous industry innovations including True Utility Condition Assessment (TUCA), Spectral Vibration Analysis, and Earthquake Early Warning (in conjunction with USGS and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network).  Dan also works as a mentor and advisor to college students at Seattle University and the University of Washington and gives frequent talks in local high schools.  Dan currently serves on the University of Washington’s Engineering Advisory Board where he participates in policy decisions designed to improve the University of Washington’s position as a global leader in technical education.

1996-2012, Designated engineering of the mdrt for Issaquah highlands and talus urban village

In 1996 Dan was selected to help form the Major Development Review Team (MDRT) in the City of Issaquah, and he served on that team for 16 years. The MDRT was responsible for planning and permitting the Issaquah Highlands and Talus Urban Village developments and for performing the services and functions of the Public Works Department for those projects.  At the time, Issaquah Highlands and Talus Urban Village were the largest Master Planned Developments in the Northwest.  As the Designated Engineer for the MDRT, Dan performed the duties of the Public Works Director and reported directly to the Mayor’s office.  Some of Dan’s innovative contributions to these developments included designing a pedestrian bridge from a recycled crane arm, a YWCA, and the first Silver LEED certified fire station. The MDRT and the resulting developments received numerous local and national awards including an award from the Kennedy School of Business for Government Innovation.

1980-1996, senior facility designer, rh2 engineering

As the senior facility designer and planner and leader of RH2 Engineering’s design group, Dan was responsible for all of the municipal utility designs performed by RH2 Engineering.  This included all phases of utility improvements such as water and sewer pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, control systems, and treatment facilities.  Under Dan’s leadership, RH2 became the Northwest’s leading municipal design firm and was responsible for many industry innovations that are now considered standards of design and operation.  Dan was responsible for introducing CAD into municipal design practices which reduced cost and delivery times, the incorporation of color design plans which reduced change order costs, and enabling 3D design which reduced errors and omissions.