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Welcome to Varius Inc., the Northwest’s most innovative consulting engineering firm.  Varius is a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE number: W2F0025809) staffed by industry experts including Ricki Harbert, Dan Ervin, Joe Strahl, Bill Beckman, Ed Olson, Craig Norman and Rick Harbert.  At Varius you will have direct access to some of the most experienced and insightful professionals available today.  Varius specializes in the following services:

About Us

Varius Inc is unlike any other engineering firm in the Pacific Northwest.  That's why we're called Varius, which means "different, diverse, and changeable" in Latin. Our vision is to unburden our industry’s most experienced and productive professionals, divest them from routine overhead and administrative burdens, and let them use their experience and insight for the benefit of our clients and their projects.

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Varius is a new company but our founding staff - Ricki, Dan, and Rick - have a long and rich history of working together. It all began in a basement 40 years ago and grew into a thriving a respected company - RH2 Engineering.  In 2018, Ricki Harbert, Dan Ervin, and Rick Harbert grew again, into Varius Inc.


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Our Services

Varius is designed to bring a level of expertise and experience to clients that is often not available using conventional business practices. We have executive-level experience and an efficient approach to serving the needs of municipal utility systems and their related businesses, from expert peer review to expert witness testimony. Follow the link below for a summary of our services.

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Our professionals are at the most productive point of their careers with the experience and knowledge to solve the most difficult problems, meet the hardest challenges, and find the most elusive solutions.